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Massage Bottle Holster – Single



When you’re a massage therapist, then a Massage Bottle Holster is going to make your life easier. Reason being, is that you won’t have to constantly walk away to pump lotion or oil. Therefore, the massage bottle holster buckles on around your waist and can fit plastic or glass pump bottles. Whether you choose lotion or oil as a preference, these can fit 4oz to 16oz bottles. Furthermore, you can simply use a gallon pump dispenser in your favorite massage lotion or oil. Then pump into your smaller bottle to apply in your holster. Provided that you don’t have pants with belt loops, you can still strap around your waist and tighten to avoid falling off.

This holster is made in the USA out of durable canvas material instead of cheap vinyl by comparison with other manufacturers. Absolutely no latex is used with this item to avoid allergies. So if you’re looking for a high quality massage lotion or bottle holster, this is perfect for you!

  • Conveniently accessible for massage oils and lotions bottles
  • Comes with a strap or can easily be attached to your belt
  • Constructed of durable canvas
  • Made in the USA and contains no latex
  • Free Shipping


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