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Gallon Pump Dispenser

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Gallon Pump Dispenser

This gallon pump dispenser is another great salon tool. Because attempting to pour your lotion or oil in a smaller bottle will spill. As a result, you would waste an excessive amount of lotion or oil. Although there are many different types of lotion or oils. For the majority of them, it will fit perfectly. In fact gallon bottles are generally universal with their threading. Therefore, this pump dispenser would screw on easily.

Massage Lotions

In additional, please check out some of our massage lotions. While it may be used for many other liquids, these are the most common. In fact, it’s so quick to fill up a smaller 8oz bottle with this pump.

Massage Oils

Another common use is for massage oils, which we carrying many of. Here are some of our common brands. Biotone, Bon Vital, Soothing Touch, to name a few.

Massage Lotion or Oil Bottles

Because you now are interested in the large pump bottle dispenser, you might want to check out some of our smaller bottles. For lotion, most commonly used is the plastic 8oz bottle. Another one used for oils is the 4oz glass bottle. Looks like you’re all set now with your needed supplies!

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