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Dr Pen M8

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Dr Pen M8 Derma pen is an excellent skin healing tool. It has a built-in battery. It has a digital LED display to keep a track of the speed as well. It is an electronic device that has microneedles which pulse into your skin. These needles puncture into your skin at a high speed causing micro-wounds. And, when they heal, it creates a thicker, plumper skin. It is an effective anti-aging treatment. As it goes all the way down to the dermis, it is highly effective. Interestingly, the treatment works on all kinds of skin type including sensitive skin. The device is sleek and aluminum alloy in the body material gives it a sturdy look.

The Treatment Process

Using a Dr Pen M8 Derma Pen is fairly simple. The cartridge comes in a sterile pack. You must wipe the skin clean, tie your hair back before use. Applying serum before needling is advisable. This ensures that the pen does not drag of pull on the skin. The best patter to follow while working the pen is vertical, horizontal then diagonal in both directions. Apply light pressure without dragging for best results. The instructions with pictorial representation make the use even easier.

The Benefits of this Iconic Device

First, Dr. Pen M8 Derma Pen prevents aging of skin. It revitalizes the skin, making you look fresh and younger. Additionally, it smooths wrinkles, if any, and improves blood flow. Another plus of using this device is reduction in scars, acne, stretch marks, etc. Moreover, you can get rid of deep scarring using the device. The device goes down to the dermis and that’s how it stimulates so much collagen. Moreover, it firms and tones the skin. Furthermore, it oxygenates the skin with micro-circulation. Fortunately, it is easy to clean and use and does not require much maintenance.

Comes with 2 Replacement Cartridges

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