Photon- Ultrasonic Skin Care Machine




This machine has 3 light functions to promote beautiful skin by minimizing pores, skin rejuvenation and elasticity. Sometimes overlapping the tri- colored function, red-purple, green and blue ultrasonic wavelength making your skin feel more extraordinary and refreshed.


Wavelength effect to skin:

BLUE LIGHT: Suitable for oily, sensitive, and skin rashes while elliminating acne and tighten loose skin.

RED LIGHT: Suitable for all types of skin while the the heat can improve circulation of blood, and collagen to reduce wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling smooth.

GREEN LIGHT: Suitable for mixed skin, calming the skin and relaxing the body, as well as reducing skin pain.

Additional information

Weight 180 lbs
Dimensions 170 × 46 × 50 in


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