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Dr Pen Cartridges (M8)

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Dr Pen Cartridges Needle adjustment range: 0.25mm – 2.5mm.
Max number of punctures: 22000 / min

The Dr Pen Ultima M8 device can operate in a wireless system (It has 400mAH batteries). Working time 4-5 hours. Pen Ultima M8-W can also work with mains power.

Dr Pen Cartridges work for the M8 Model

Dr Pen ultima M8 works great in the fight against wrinkles, acne scars, discoloration or stretch marks.

Model: ULTIMA M8-W Wireless
Weight with packaging: 312g
Package dimensions: 169x123x56mm
Power supply: 5v-1000mA
Max number of punctures: 22000 / min
Depth adjustment 0.25mm -2.5mm
Number of gears: 6
Functions: microneedle mesotherapy
Battery: 400 mAh

Microneedling Cartridges

These cartridges will ONLY FIT Dr. Pen Ultima M8 model. They are FDA approved and are delivered in 100% sterile packaging. They are available in a pack of 10 cartridge pieces.

11 Pin Needle Cartridges
16 Pin Needle Cartridges
36 Pin Needle Cartridges
42 Pin Needle Cartridges
Nano Circle Pin Needle Cartridges
Nano Square Pin Needle Cartridges


Advantages of Microneedling

– Prevents skin aging
– Enables the introduction of revitalizing preparations
– Moisturizes the dermis
– Firms and tones the skin
– Oxygenates the skin by stimulating microcirculation,
– Smoothens wrinkles
– Stop baldness
– Reduce cellulite, stretch marks, and scars after surgery


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Pin Type

11 Pin, 16 Pin, 24 Pin, 36 Pin, 42 Pin, Nano Circle, Nano Square


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