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Water Dermabrasion Machine

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Brody Massage’s water dermabrasion machine may effectively removes skin allergens, sebum and follicle issues. Furthermore, this water dermabrasion machine is great for mites and acne treatment. Therefore, you may add nutrients in the cleaning solution. In addition, it would go on the base of skin. And at the same time as the skin nutritional supplements. In conclusion, it can effectively improve the skin environment. Meanwhile benefiting the skin’s metabolism.


1. The most innovative skin care for beauty salons.
2. Safe and effective skin whitening.
3. Alternative to traditional art and exfoliating skin care.
4. Instantly improve dry skin and replenish nutrients.
5. Directly improve the skin from lack of oxygen caused by dark skin dull.
6. Non-invasive noninfectious therapy.
7. Beautify skin comfortably, moisten, cooling and easy to use.
8. Promotes the skin’s lymphatic drainage and promotes healthy skin.
9. Unique skin regeneration technology with safe use of water and oxygen.

Main machine x 1
Working handle x 1
Working heads x 4
Deposit tanks x 2
Large apron (for bottom tank ) x 2
Small apron (for handle inside ) x 2
Handle carrier x 1
Power line x 1
User manual

100% brand new and high quality
Slip design, no button and easy to use
Keep the skin and hair moist any time
Control the working time automatically. Spray / stop 30 seconds each time
Built-in Li-poly batteries
Nano scale mist from the water tanks, which is easier to be absorbed by skin
Electric Nano spray with ultra high frequency of 140 KHz
Tiny Nano-meter particles for deep moisturizing
Rechargeable Nano spray with USB cable, (full charged battery) around 120 usage times.

Color: White
Water tank volume: 7ml
Power: 1.2W
Battery: 550mAh Li-poly battery
Charging voltage: DC 5V/500-1000mA
Charging current: 300mA
Spray volume: 1ml/min
Standby volume: 0ml
Working current: 280-350mA
Spray time: 3- seconds each time after switching on
Working time: 120 times/ 30 seconds each time after fully charged
Water tank size: 37*30.5*10mm
Size: Approx 4.33 x 1.18 x 0.78 inch

Package Includes:
Handy Mist Sprayer
USB Charging Cable
User Manual

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