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Liquid Dermabrasion Solution Serum Kit

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The liquid dermabrasion solution Cleans and exfoliates, while mild and non-irritating. Also provides soft exfoliation and induces shedding of keratinocytes. Another feature is the moisture retention. Lastly, it stimulates collagen regeneration.


Exfoliates acne, while being gentle and non-irritating. It has strong cleansing power. In fact it’s great for acne, rashes and other skin problems. Furthermore, it moisturizes and calms the skin.


Moisturizes and nourishes the skin, while improving the skin’s immunity. Also, inhibits melanin and vitamin C nutrients supply to the skin. This liquid dermabrasion solution restores damaged cells and helps regeneration.


AS1: Lactic acid, yeast extract, green tea extract, algae extract.
SA2: Salicylic acid, lactic acid, sodium lactate, honey extract, aloe extract.
AO3: Aloe vera, vitamin C, VE, green tea extract.

Package Includes:

1 bottle AS1+1 bottle SA2+1 bottle AO3

400ml/ Bottle


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