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The Nui Portable Maple Wood Massage Table

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Our Nui Portable Maple Wood Massage Table has arrived. This new oversized solid maple wood massage table is 32 inches wide and is 84 inches (with headrest). It features 6 inches of the best quality foam padding to provide maximum comfort for the client. We designed and manufactured this table with client comfort in mind. Regardless of how great the massage therapist is, if the patient is not relaxed and comfortable on the table during the session, chances are they will not return. Clients do not want to lay on a hard, wooden plank covered with a cheap foam pad for up to two hours. Our tables with their 6 inches of dense foam are so comfortable you could sleep on them. We sell them to retina surgery patients to sleep on because they must sleep face down after their procedures.

The table’s length with the headrest is 84 inches long. This will allow clients up to 7 feet inches tall to use the table with ease, making it perfect for treating athletes. Maple wood reinforced framing supports, both vertically and horizontally, are engineered to hold up to 850 lbs. distributed over the whole table, providing excellent support for robust clients as well. This table features an opening within the table for the head, as well as the use of the headrest, depending upon the client’s needs and the space available in the room. These portable new tables come with an upgraded stronger carrying case which helps avoid damage to the table base, tears to the fabric, or breaking of carrying straps during transport from location to location.

32″ Width x 73″ Length (including headrest – 84″)
6″ of the Best Quality Foam Padding
Maple Wood Reinforced Framing
850 lbs. of Working Weight
Aluminum Headrest Cradle
 and Headrest Cushion
Hanging Armrest
Premium Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap

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  1. Kari

    This is a beautiful table! Really feel secure with my clients on it. Thick and comfortable.

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