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4″ Atomic Portable Aluminum Massage Table

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Brody Massage’s Atomic Massage Table is basically the Atomic XL’s little brother. Therefore this table is slightly more narrow with the 30″ width. This massage table does come with arm extensions to increase the width in that area. You’ll gain an extra 4″ on each side if used. Furthermore that can assist with massage therapists working the scapula area without arms falling off the table. Atomic Massage Table has the standard length of 73″ without face cushion and cradle. When using the face cushion, you’ll be approximately 84″ in length.

Atomic vs Atomic XL

As a result of customers requesting a smaller version of the Atomic XL, we created the Atomic Table. Mostly because the biggest complaint was size. It’s basically a slimmed down version of the Atomic XL, to create more mobile use. Since the Atomic is not as wide, we added the arm extension feature. However, 30″ width is normally wider than most tables you’ll see on the market. Atomic is also 4″ vs 5″ foam that the XL has.


4 inches of high quality dense long lasting foam
High quality Vegan leather material
3 section incline with ability to place headrest on incline portion
Arched aluminum framing to allow stool access
Arm extensions to increase width
Arm rest or shelf
Deluxe carrying case with reinforced stitching and metal clasp shoulder strap



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