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Brody Massage Basalt Hot Stones Kit with Box 36 pieces

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Having a hot stones in your spa is an excellent way to have more modalities, also your clients will love the treatment. Furthermore, the benefits it may bring to sore muscles with releasing the tension are spectacular. Instead of providing just regular massage treatment, this step may promote many health benefits. One of them would be pain treatment. Another use would be for stress or relaxation. As you might know already, stress is a main cause to many other ailments. Also, many patients have sleep disorders, which they may also contribute to helping to a better night’s rest. Some even state that these may relieve discomfort with autoimmune disease and boosting the immune system.

The hot stones kit comes with 36 stones within a nice bamboo box. Hot Stones may be placed on the spine, chest, stomach, palms, feet and toes. Furthermore, you would want to use long strokes, circular movements, vibration, tapping and kneading. Instead of only providing massage therapy, add some heat therapy to your spa.

Brody Massage Hot Stone Massage Kit Includes 36 Massage Stones.
Packed Within a nice Bamboo Display Box.
Perfect for Home or Professional Use.
Basalt Stones can be used for back, legs, hands, and arms.
Used for Hot Stone Massage Therapy.

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