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Galvanic Microcurrent Skin Firming Anti-aging Massager

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This Galvanic Machine is a high quality beauty instrument.

6-in-1 beauty equipment to remove blackheads, remove blemishes and ecchymoses

High-frequency electrotherapy: UV sterilization, accelerate wound healing, eliminate facial spots, acne.

Spray lotion, ultrasonic import and export, body breast enhancement, scraping treatment, multiple functions for you to choose.

Suitable for many places, beauty salons, individuals, etc.

Product specifications:

Voltage: AC110V/60Hz

Power: 88W

Size: 39.5 * 24.5 * 12.5cm

Packing size 59*36*23cm

Weight: 8kg

The package includes:

1X beauty equipment
2X breast cup
1X suction and spray tube
1X cable
2X spray bottle
2X probe
1X freckle pen
1X high frequency grip
6X glass tube
1X thick needle
3X fine needle
1X filter
3X Scrapper

A Galvanic Machine can do wonders on a person’s skin and also can be used for facials or other parts of the body. In fact, many use the device for acne treatment, due to it’s ability to cleanse the pores of the skin. Since blackheads create large pores, the removal makes the skin’s appearance look much smoother. Not only does it look smoother, it feels much better as well. Some even claim that the anti-aging benefits can take years off someone.

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