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4-IN-1 Facial High Frequency Galvanic Vacuum Spray Spot Removal Machine

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This Galvanic Facial Machine is an independent functioning device. It’s nutrition import and export, removes blackheads and offers a misting spray. Furthermore, surface cells die and the machine achieves the instant spot removal. Another great feature is that the patient won’t feel any pain during the process. It’s actually quite relaxing. In fact the galvanic facial machine is very easy to use.

Because your deep rooted skin issues need penetration and absorption, it will completely removes blackhead, blemishes and cleanse dirt from pores. In addition, the bottle can spray lotion, anti-inflammatory water or become a misting system. Thus will create hydrated skin cells. Hence, it’s suitable for beauty salons, hospitals, spas and individuals.

Product specifications:

Material: ABS + electronic components
Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Host size: 49*35*17cm
Packing weight: 6kg
The package includes:
1 set of red and black tubes
Electrotherapy tube
Electric therapy rod
Spray bottle
Pipe lead
Glass straw
User Manual

We also provide many other facial skin care machines, which accommodate beauty salons. For example, we have other multi-purpose devices that include the galvanic machine. So if you’re looking for a more inclusive skin care facial machine, check out our 11 in 1 Facial Machine.

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