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Massage Table Breast Pillow Bolster – Cream



The Brody Massage Wedge Breast Pillow Bolster is the perfect solution for feminine comfort. Furthermore, issues during massage and other treatments and procedures may cause discomfort. This environmentally friendly pillow is made of non-CFC foam. In fact, it’s specially designed for women’s specific comfort needs. Therefore, it features a T-shaped wedge that has openings for women’s breasts. Also, the foam supports the breast bone and abdomen below. Above all, it relieves stress to the breast and lower abdomen. Many women experience discomfort when receiving massage or other procedures in a face-down position.

Most massage tables aren’t setup perfectly for women, so a simple breast pillow addition like this ensures the comfort level. Similar to massage bolsters that support the leg and ankles, instead it’s for the breasts. Provided that every massage therapist accommodates their clients, this would be a perfect addition. Because of it’s firm dense foam and professional material quality, it’s long lasting. Although, there aren’t covers for them, so you may simply put them under the massage sheets. Also, they are easy to clean with any type of natural wipe or synthetic leather cleaner.

Measurements; 18″ wide x 21″ long and 3.5″ thick.

Firm Support
Relieves stress on breast area
Cleans easily
Professional quality
Durable vinyl cover

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