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Massage Table Breast Bolster Pillow – Black

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The Brody Massage Wedge Breast Pillow Bolster is the perfect solution for feminine comfort. Furthermore, it prevents issues during massage and other treatments. In fact, it’s made from environmentally friendly non-CFC foam, and specially designed for women’s specific comfort needs. It features a T-shaped wedge that has openings for women’s breasts and foam to support the breast bone and abdomen below. It relieves stress to the breast and lower abdomen commonly experience when receiving massage or other procedures in a face-down position. Measures 18″ wide x 21″ long and 3.5″ thick.

Comfort is essential when you’re getting treatment on a massage table, because that’s what you’re there for. Laying down for a long period of time can cause discomfort, so make sure you’re clients aren’t going through a painful process. Our breast bolster pillow is going to provide that, in place of laying on a flat uncomfortable table for the women who need that support. Another helpful comfortable option for the back is our round or half massage bolsters.  These are excellent for low back support or when on your face under the ankles to avoid discomfort.


Relieves stress on breast area
Cleans easily
Professional quality
Durable vinyl cover

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