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Biotone Revitalizing Massage Oil / Unscented 1Gal

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Biotone Revitalizing Massage Oil  is made with Almond Oil. Also, has coconut Oil Ester, Hawaiian Kukui Nut oil, Vitamin E, and Olive Oil. Therefore, it’s Paraben-Free

Mid-weight, even, smooth blend of cold-pressed oil. For example, Sweet Almond, Hawaiian Kukui and Coconut nut oils. Biotone Revitalizing Massage Oil glides over dense body hair. In addition, it’s great for aromatherapy and hot stone treatments.

Furthermore, it’s recommended for beginner and advanced massage therapists. On the other hand, Revitalizing Oil is one of the most versatile. It’s natural-based oils. The secret is its blend of special nut oils. As a result, they are the cold-pressed Sweet Almond, Hawaiian Kukui Nut and Coconut. Further, it offers superior texture and even penetration. Because of it’s light glide and all-over control, it’s a favorite. Ideally suited to a wide range of massage techniques. Excellent for the skin too. Contains Vitamin E. Water dispersible.

Most importantly, the ingredients are Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus amygdalus). Coconut Oil Ester (Octyl Palmitate). Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil (Aleurites moluccans). Canola Oil (Simmons chinenis). Vitamin E (mixed Tocopherol). Olive Oil (Olea eurpaea). Walnut Oil (Juglans ragia) and Pecan (Carya illinoenis) Oils. Vegetable Derived Water Dispersant. Cruelty Free.

In conclusion, massage therapists love high quality products. Biotone is one of those. In addition, we carry many other brand names to add to your collection. In other words, check out some of our other items.

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