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6″ Thick Adjustable Massage Table 32″ x 77″ (Mammoth)

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As you can see, this adjustable massage table is extremely large with 6″ of foam padding and dimensions of 32″ x 77″. Therefore this table is excellent for larger clientele. We’ve manufactured this table since most massage therapists are passionate about comfort. Relaxation is a major factor when getting a massage. In fact many customers won’t return to get a massage if the table isn’t comfortable. Who wants to be laying on a wood board for 1 – 2 hours? Even if the massage therapist is excellent, they won’t come back. Having an adjustable massage table that is capable of sleeping on, will insure that comfort level. Actually, we provide this table to many surgical eye center patients after retina surgery, since they need something to sleep on face down.

Differing from most massage tables, this one allows you to use the headrest on the cradle or within the table if you don’t have much space in your room. With the headrest cradle and cushion, the table’s length is 88″. Thus it can fit a client who is 7ft 3in tall and great for athletes. This table comes with two headrest cushions, so you can remove the circle portion to put both stacked in that insert to avoid the headrest cradle. Another special feature we have added on the table, is the reinforced framing using our beech wood. There is horizontal and vertical wood beams to support up to 750lbs of distributed weight on the table.


6″ Thick High Quality Dense Foam Padding
32″ Width
77″ Length (88″ with headrest)
Beech Wood Reinforced Framing
750lb Distributed Weight Capacity
Aluminum Headrest Cradle
2 Headrest Cushions
Ability to put headrest cushions within the table to save space
Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap and pocket

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2 reviews for 6" Thick Adjustable Massage Table 32" x 77" (Mammoth)

  1. Melanie

    Thanks guys! I got my table within 2 days from when I ordered it and it’s so nice and plush. I can sleep on this thing after my eye surgery.

  2. Rita R.

    Wow, this table is the biggest table I’ve ever seen! It’s extremely comfortable and fits my basket ball player client, who is 6ft 11in. Love it!

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