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100PC Professional Tattoo Gloves – Black Nitrile

Fortunately, these powder-free tattoo gloves minimizes the risk of developing Nitrile protein. Unlike other chemical residue gloves that cause allergies. Thus eliminating powder related contamination. Another great feature is the textured surface. It  provides superior grip in wet or dry applications. In fact the interior finish is very comfortable wear. Ambidextrous with beaded cuff, which is perfect for women or men. Because texture thickness is import for durability, we use 7.0-mil. Of course these are very comfortable for your fingers.

These nitrile gloves are ideal for all types of professionals. Whether you’re a tattoo artist or salon tech, they are the gloves that work perfectly. Nail techs use these because because of their strength. Tattoo artists love these because of the common black ink. Therefore always looking professional. Nitrile black color stands out and masks stains, inks and dyes and makes it possible to easily identify light-colored substances.

In this day and age, gloves are extremely necessary to avoid bacteria and viruses. Having durable nitrile gloves are crucial that don’t tear easy like a lot of other brands. This will insure your safety as well as others. Furthermore, masks are also a commonly needed tattoo supplies.

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