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Standing Professional Facial Steamer



Salons and Massage Therapy locations are now using the facial steamers more than ever. Research shows that facial steamers are excellent for cleansing the pores and creating healthy rejuvenated skin.


  • Locate the rolling wheel base, the while metal pole, and the screw.
  • The white metal pole will fit on top of the rolling base, use the screw to attach from the bottom up.
  • The steamer itself will then fit on top of the white metal pole. You will attach the water container to the unit at this time, it should screw/snap on.


  • When you are using the steamer the following directions will be used.
  • For this unit you would pour the water in the opening that is above each water container.
  • Please keep in mind that the cold water container’s level should be at the max fill line. The heating coil inside the hot water container must be under water.
  • At that time you can use either the hot or cold steam function.
  • Turn the steamer switch on.

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