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Salon or Massage Stool (Black)



Are you a barber, hairdresser or beautician who needs a few more pieces of nice-looking, wheeled-furniture around your shop? Maybe you’re a dentist who always finds yourself reaching for a quick place to sit when dealing with your patients, but you just don’t have that easy-to-grab, salon stool that you need in your workspace. Or, maybe you’re a tattoo artist who has to actively move from position to position to get just the right angle while creating that new work of art on someone’s body, and are in need of a comfortable seat that goes up, down, and rolls quickly and easily when you need it too.

Comfortable Salon Stool

If this sounds like you, then this slick-looking Brody Massage and Salon Stool is just what you’ve been looking for. With its high level of comfort and durability, most folks are surprised that it’s sold at such a low price. Whether you are a short or tall person, this salon stool’s easy-to-operate hydraulic design lets you sit higher or lower conveniently as much as you spontaneously need to. Your body weight will be balanced well as it’s held up with a sturdy five-wheel base. You will find yourself using it all the time to perform multiple duties throughout your workday. Most folks wonder how they ever got along without it before, and absolutely love their soft, leather, rolling new salon stool!

More Mobility

During the course of an active work day, you may find yourself bending at the waist multiple times, and/or squatting a lot to accomplish certain tasks. When you have a comfortable and reliable salon stool that adjusts up and down easily and rolls across smooth surfaces well while you are sitting, you’ll save tons of energy, and it will allow you much more mobility during your shifts.


PU Leather.
Padding :High Density Sponge
Adjustable Height Range: Approx 6”
Loading Capacity:330LBS
Product Dimension:17x17x20/25 inch
Gas Pump Lift, Plastic Foot-stand

Style: Modern
Type: Salon Stool
Material: PVC Leather, High Density Sponge
Product Dimension: 17x17x20/25 inch
Adjustable height : 18″-24″
Pump lifting height : 6″

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