9 in 1 Beauty Multifunction Facial Machine

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This Multifunction Facial Machine has 9 functions for your salon or spa. One being the galvanic machine, which is great for tightening of the skin, tone up muscles and increasing cell metabolism. Another is the high frequency, that also assists with stimulating healthy skin. Of course the massage brush is useful in between the different functions. This will take away the dead skin cells. Furthermore, you have a vacuum extractor to remove impurities. The spray diffuser and steamer help open the pores. When you’re an esthetician, you need to see what you’re doing. The lamp fortunately has a 5 x zoom lens to do so.
Space can be an issue with most rooms, which is why a multifunction facial machine is perfect. Therefore you have utility bowls to put supplies in as well as a tool holder. All of this makes this facial unit very convenient for salon techs.
9 in 1 Beauty Facial professional machine
High Frequency
Massage brush
Vacuum extractor
Spray diffuser
Lamp with 5x magnification
Wood’s lamp
Utility bowls
Tool holder
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