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Herbal Tower Steamer Professional Spa Facial Steamer

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This completely redesigned Ionto-Comed Herbal Facial Steamer offers sturdy, mobile and reliable operation. Furthermore, the  herbal facial steamer comes with a unique base. Thus allows other components in the Ionto-Comed line to be stacked with the steamer. It’s convenient stacking feature also saves space and time. Therefore allowing the salon technician to focus on other tasks. Besides of it’s unusual stacked design, the Ionto-Comed steamer uses herbal and aromatherapies. Instead of chemical treatments for improved results. It also has a facial machine built-in strainer. As a result, you can use herbs or essential oils and it’s built into the top of the steamer for optimal results.

Herbal steamers like the Ionto-Comed steamer are considered superior to ozone steamers. This is because they use natural herbs and essential oils. In face it uses to nourish and cleanse skin differing from chemicals. Above all, the steamer tower can hold up to 6 individual components without issue. In addition, modules are sold separately for use. Another feature is that magnifying lamps may be added to this design to improve function.


Uses tap water instead of distilled.
Fully adjustable arm, which makes salon services easier.
Adjustable flow of steam, also making services simple.
360 degree directional steam, allowing very mobile usage.
Heat to steam in 5 minutes, unlike other units taking up to 15 min.
Steam capacity 35-45 minutes, which is great than most units in comparison.
Optic and sonic water level indicator.
Quick decalcification and easy clean up.
Electronic protection against over-heating and also over-foaming.
Pulverized steam, because it replaces the need for traditional pulverizers.
Arm length: 24 3/4″
Depth of base: 17″
Height (without arms): 27 1/2″
2 year limited warranty
Weight: 57 pounds
Base width: 14 3/4″
Made in Germany

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