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Dual Foot Detox Machine w/ MP3 Player



The Dual Detox with mp3 player is an advanced system which allows full body purification.  How the detoxification works is a strap which sends ions throughout your body is placed on your wrist while your feet are in a warm tub of water with an array placed in the water as well.  As the ions flow through your body the array releases the toxins through your feet and depending on the color of the water determines where the toxins are coming from.   The built-in mp3 player allows you to relax to soothing music while detoxing and cleansing your body.  You can also add your own music with a USB plug in the back of the machine.  Also, having two arrays allows you to provide service to two clients at the same time.  It’s easy to use and beneficial for allergies, boosting immune system, quitting smoking or just helping you feel cleansed and refreshed.

Foot Detox machine comes with 1 array. Additional Arrays must be purchased separately.

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