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Chiropractic Table with Break Away & Pelvic Drop


Chiropractic Table

Of late, the popularity of Chiropractic Table is on the rise. The chiropractic care is mostly for lower back pain. Spinal manipulation is the most common treatment in chiropractic care. Generally, it is effective in correcting the alignment. The methods aim at easing pain, promoting optimal function, improving range of motion, encouraging proper posture and so on. The chiropractic table, so used, during treatment depends on the specific goal of the treatment. The design of the tables allows certain pieces to drop so that there is more room for movement when the chiropractic thrust gets applied. The drops may be manual, automatic or powered by air. Cervical drop, lumbar drop, pelvic drop and thoracic drop are few of the prime examples. Simple treatment involves less powerful spinal maneuvering and slower, low-velocity movements that allow the affected joint to stay within its passive range of motion.

The Way it Works

The table in question, gets lifted and then dropped, when a thrust gets applied by the chiropractor. The drop allows gravity to assist and work in combination with the manual adjustments. Upon lifting a section of the table, it gets fastened in place and it alters the stiffness of the table. When the chiropractor applies a gentle thrust to the area needing adjustment, the table releases and drops down, causing that segment of the body to fall as well. The drop-table comes to a rest. However, your body momentum continues for a short period. It is critical as it helps in alignment.

The benefits

Chiropractic care is for patients of all age groups. Luckily, it diagnoses and treats conditions affecting the bones, joints, ligaments and nerves in the body. It helps you provide relief from back pain and neck pain. Additionally, it provides improved range of motion and mobility after an accident or injury. Fortunately, the therapy offers an alternative to drugs and invasive procedures. Moreover, it improves your mental health, neurological health, muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion.


It promotes recovery, improves immune responses along with more energy and perks up your mood. It primes your body to function at its best. We here at Brody Massage, believe in offering nothing but the best to our esteemed clients. Chiropractic Table with Break Away & Pelvic Drop are one of the finest products we offer. The range of specifications and functions make it totally worth it. It is our endeavour to provide products which help our clients in their specific requirements.

Chiropractic Table Standard Features

Stationary table height is 19″

Adjustable face cushion and tilting headpiece

8″ Ankle extension with elevation

Breakaway and elevating abdominal cushion

22″ Wide comfort cushions

Long, ergonomic arm pads

Steel base

Paper roll holder and cutter

ADA Compliant

Table Options

Thoracic Manual Drop

Lumbar Manual Drop

Pelvic Manual Drop (included)

Height & Elevation Options:

Extended Stationary Height Beyond 26″ (Per Inch)

Elevation 20-28″ with Single Foot Pedal

Head Piece Options

Elevation, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Cervical Distraction, Adjustable Cushions and Tilt

Lifting capacity: 350 lbs.

Overall dimensions: 65”L x 28”W x 19”H

Extended maximum length with ankle extension: 73″L

Cushion width: 22″W


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