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Athena Pro Hair Steamer

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The Athena Pro Hair Steamer & Processor is an industrial strength hair steamer. It’s made in Taiwan and built to last for many years. This hair steamer is designed to enable the hair micro cells to expand. Another benefit is that it lets the nutrition of the hair oil and colors penetrate into the hair. This facilitates head blood circulation and make hair smooth and lustrous. Therefore frequent use will eliminate scurf and keep hair clean, comfortable and glowing. The Athena Pro Hair Steamer Processor is an extremely low noise machine. In fact it comes with a height adjustable stand and built in timer. This is a high quality, industrial strength hair steamer that will make your clients ecstatic with the results.

It’s known that hair steaming is beneficial to dry hair. Furthermore, the moist heat encourages the blood flow. As a result, it creates circulation and promotes hair growth. As the steam lifts the hair cuticle, it allows to penetrate deep into the hair shaft to heal damaging hair.


  • Professional Steam Hair Processor Made in Taiwan
  • Industrial Grade Steamer Built for Longevity
  • On/Off Switch, Adjustable Stand & Built In Timer
  • For Permanent Wave, Hair Color, Hair Treatment, Scalp Treatment
  • Durable Caster Base & Adjustable Stand for Great Flexibility

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