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Pro Nail Machine

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Introducing our advanced Nail Machine, designed to deliver smooth and efficient nail care with minimal noise and vibration. This Electric Nail Art Drill Machine is perfect for spas, beauty parlors, or personal use at home.

Whether you’re working with acrylic, glass, or silk wrap artificial nails, our Nail Machine’s maximum speed of 20,000RPM provides the versatility and speed you need to get the job done with ease. The easy-to-use dialing speed control and forward/reverse operation switch offer precise control over your nail care routine.


– Voltage Range: 110V; 50HZ
– Power input: 10 W
– Rated speed: 20,000 RPM Max
– Main engine size: 13cm x 6cm x 8.6cm (5.07” x 2.34” x 3.35″)
– Weight: 2.4 lbs
– Color: Grey & Black

Effortless Operation:

Using our Nail Machine is a breeze:

1. Insert the hand piece flex plug into the power output socket on the main control machine.
2. Select the appropriate grinding mould size and secure it to the front of the hand piece.
3. Connect the Nail Machine to the main power source.
4. Choose the desired mode on the main control machine, either clockwise or counterclockwise, and switch to the “On” position.
5. Start the machine using the “ON” mode on the hand piece, and use “OFF” mode for pausing.
6. Adjust the speed level by sliding the speed control knob, ensuring the hand piece is set to the lowest speed before changing direction.
7. After finishing, switch the hand piece to “OFF,” followed by switching the main control machine to “OFF,” and unplug it.

Package Includes:

Electric Nail Drill Main control
Hand piece
Handpiece stander
6 x Bits included Mandrel
6 x abrasive sleeves

Upgrade your nail care routine with our Nail Machine, offering convenience, precision, and professional results. Whether you’re a nail technician or a DIY enthusiast, our Nail Machine is the perfect addition to your nail care arsenal. Get yours today and experience efficient and flawless nail care like never before.

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