Fluorite Gem Soap


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Each Gem Soup by Amber is made with natural melt and pour base, skin-safe mica coloring and essential oils. Amber chooses to use melt and pour soap to spend more time on the art of attention on details of the gem, the essential oils to match the meaning of the gem and the carving technique. Each one is specialized so not one looks exactly the same. There are different pours for different benefits to reach out to your own liking of premium natural soap. Amber puts a lot of love and tons of deep energy in each one. They can be used for decoration but are very beneficial for the body, hands and face as well. She loves the idea of a natural creation from earth made into natural soap created and carved to perfection. 

Small $5 1.5-2 oz
Medium $6 2.5-4
Large is $8 5-5.5 oz

They come with various essential blends such as Fruit Juice, Flower Bouquet, Jasmine & Lavender, Manly Sandalwood and Kisa’s Kiss

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Large, Medium, Small


Flower Bouquet, Fruit Juice, Jasmine & Lavender, Kisa’s Kiss, Manly Sandalwood


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