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Cupping Therapy Breast & Butt Vacuum

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This Brody Spa cupping therapy machine has many uses. Butt vacuum lift is one use along with breast enlargement. Many women look to enhance their features and these body contouring machines are in high demand. Cupping therapy has been used for ovary care, such as poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. Furthermore, it’s used for lymphatic detox as well.

Breast Enhancement

Unfortunately all women aren’t blessed with perfect breasts. In fact many issues are maldevelopment, pregnancy or weight loss. Therefore, a cost effective solution is desired. In some cases, it might be used to enlarge one breast to match the other in size.

Butt Lift Enhancement vs Implants

In addition to the breast enhancing, many are wanting to do a butt lift. In comparison to putting foreign objects in your body, this is a much more natural approach. Having butt implants are easily recognizable vs a realistic curve with a vacuum pump. Also, wouldn’t it be horrible for your butt implant to alter it’s position. Differing from butt implants, the butt lift vacuum machine is much cheaper. With the butt lift vacuum, you can promote circulation and improve curves.

Back Treatment

Using cupping for back physiotherapy is very common. It can be used for various techniques such as blood circulation. Since the kit comes with 36 cups to choose from, you easily choose the size right for you. Commonly used for pain and inflammation as well.

Cupping Massage

Known for promoting lower body blood lymphatic circulation. Commonly used for edema and joint pain. Also used for reducing fatigue and restoring vitality. Generate positive energy and blood flow for relaxation. Ideal for meridians and collateral.

Waist & Abdominal Tightening

It’s very common for people have issues breaking up their fat cells. Thus cupping is known for breaking up those fat cells and assisting with digestion. As a result the waist and abs may appear much firmer and shape proportionate.

Skin Lift

Clear up blemishes and rejuvenate the skin. Improve skin tone and tighten saggy skin. Reduce facial lines.


1. The vacuum pump can absorb fat particles and liquid. Then it will enter the
skin tissue and cells to accelerate the enlargement of the breast, butt or body

2. It expels toxins and purifies the lymphatic system while shrinking skin
pores. Furthermore, it is known for improving micro-circulation, enhancing
collagen elasticity, lifting drooping muscles, removing wrinkles, removing eye
bags and double chin, etc.

3. Stimulates the pituitary to produce hormones. Also enhances muscle
tissue elasticity and fibers. It increases breast elasticity and softness while
lifting and reshaping the breast. Women have used for the treatment of
nipple inversion as well. The effects are instant and long-lasting.

4. Expedite fatty acid transformation. Safely and effectively remove excessive
fat and extra weight. Slim your body and eliminate excessive fat on the belly.
Improve your leg shape and tighten your skin. Lift buttocks to your desired


1. Infrared negative pressure: the mechanical stimulation of negative
pressure, spreading to the central nervous system through the reflex way,
can adjust the balance of nerve activity.

2. Negative ions: replenish energy for the body and enhance immunity.
Absorb negative ions which can help stimulate good health and increase
serotonin levels.

3. High frequency magnetic vibration massage: accelerate human
metabolism and enhance the body’s cellular activity.

4. Scrapping cupping function: expel damp and cold out of body through the
body’s skin tissue. Scrapping and cupping can leave you feeling energetic
and refreshed.

Product Features

1. Six intelligent and adjustable machine settings.

2. Superposition of multi wave forms, full cyclotron wave to set.

3. Specially-designed thickened and widened crystal breast & butt
enlargement cup, offering you better experience and effects.

4. Effective to flabby breast and pigeon breast.


1. Vacuum: Connect capillary, stimulate organs, enhance cell viability and
improve body’s immunity.

2. Far infrared: Produced by thermal stimulation, promote blood circulation,
improve metabolism and tissue nutrition while being conductive to the
absorption of nutrients.

3. Anion function: Penetrate the subcutaneous tissue seven millimeters,
combined with deep tissue massage to improve blood flow, dredge breast,
promote oxygen and nutrient delivery to the breast, and strengthen the
connective tissue of the breast, stimulate breast growth and development
while promoting uterine contractions, tightening skin elastic fibers and
preventing skin tissue becoming loose and decentralized.

4. High-frequency massage: Promote blood circulation, speed up
metabolism and enhance the body’s cellular viability.

What’s Included:

32 Cups (small to large)

Commonly sold with this cupping therapy machine, is our cavitation machine.


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