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Vibrating Plate Machine with Handrail

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Vibrating Plate Machine is a next-generation exercise machine features exciting upgrades like the 2000W silent-drive motor, 180 speed levels, a built-in sound system, detachable resistance bands, and sensors to monitor your BMI.

How does the Vibrating Plate Machine work?

The XL high-frequency vibration plate creates a stretch reflex in your body which adds a new dimension to your exercise routine and challenges your balance. The massaging effect can help you improve your circulation, gain physical stamina, combat cellulite, increase bone density, and reach your fitness goals. Furthermore, this vibration device is perfect for daily full-body exercise. Bring an extra edge to your workout program with scientific fitness tracking as 4 LED mini-screens display the mode, time, speed, and your BMI. The MP3 sound system with dual speakers keep you entertained and motivated to keep pushing your body towards superior health and fitness.

UPGRADED VIBRATION MACHINE features a 1.5HP 2000W motor & enlarged platform that effectively and quietly shakes your whole body with a more stable vibration plate for people of all shapes and sizes. Excellent addition to your home gym equipment.
180 SPEEDS & DIGITAL DISPLAY with 10 Preset Programs guarantee the appropriate workout intensity for every user while the easy-to-operate LED monitor displays mode, time, speed, and BMI to conveniently monitor your vibration session and fitness level.
330 LB CAPACITY is made possible by the solid metal frame and vibration plate finished in non-toxic and non-slip premium ABS for durability and anti-static performance. Equipped with caster wheels for easy portability.
SOUND SYSTEM & 2 DETACHABLE RESISTANCE BANDS allow you to double your fitness productivity with upper body workouts in various positions while enjoying your favorite music flowing through the built-in sound system.
XL SIZE WITH ADVANCED FUNCTION to help burn body fat, improve flexibility, relieve chronic pains, promote muscle strength, and increase blood circulation. The XL vibration plate makes it the perfect fitness equipment for people of all shapes and sizes.

Input Voltage: 110V
Frequency Range: 50-60H
Power: 2000W
Motor: 1.5HP
Speed Range: 1-180 Levels
Max. Weight Capacity: 330 lb
Product Weight: 77lbs
Package Size:44.09×30.31×9.84”
Package Weight: 83.6lbs

Vibration Machine
Power Chord
2 x Resistance Bands
Assembly Tool Kit

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