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30K Cavitation Machine

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30K Cavitation Machine and Body Slimming Device. This device comes with the cavitation, vacuum and laster multipole RF heads.

How the 30K Cavitation Machine works?

With collective strong sound wave head, it will produce a sound wave of 30k to 40k to vibrate the fat cells to impact fat cells to generate an introverted blast. This will disintegrate the triglyceride into glycerol and free fatty acids. Then the RF waves at frequency of 1MHZ is used for exhausting the integrated glycerol and free fatty acids through hepatoenteral circulation. Finally, the vacuum RF  and energy electrode are used for positioning and tightening fat cells. In physics, it’s known as cavitation. Micropore introverted blast inside and outside cells may lead to enhanced molecular motion and a higher energy level. This will cause fat cell rupture and therefore achieve the effects of body building and weight loss.


First, It’s easy to operate. Thus allowing treatments to be passive and only require the correct positioning. This 30K cavitation machine can treat all skin types and body parts. Such parts include the neck, back, breasts, knees, hips, thighs, buttock and arms. Another advantage is the acceleration of tissue coagulation. Therefore it will assist in reducing muscle slack after slimming. Furthermore, it’s a great ROI for your salon.

5 Features in 1 Machine

Vacuum Bipolar RF Handle

– Dissolve fat
– Lymphatic drainage
– Firm skin
– Enhance skin elasticity

Body-shaping Equipment adopts the most advanced high-speed turbine negative pressure technology. It’s innovative three-dimensional conversion technology combines with microcomputer chip controlled patent roller axis and has an anti-geocentric attract effect on the skin. The machine will attract and outspread the fibrillar connective tissue of different cortexes. Through the rhythmic massage it will effectively break down the subcutaneous fat process and will reduce cellular tissue accumulation of fat. Massage deeply on different parts of the body and bring up fat layer in dermis, curium and subcutaneous. Release micro-vascular lymphatic vessels at the same time, promoting metabolism and creating fat cells in a passive movement to break up fat acids. It will eliminate toxins from the lymphatic system and the detoxification enhances the function of as many as four times.

Sextupole Body RF Handle

Being integrated with the most advanced RF technology and radio frequency, the instrument may directly reach the deep-seated fat body and have the excellence of targeted positioning RF. In the fast-active state, fat cell tissue may generate friction heat, increase local temperature and remove excess fat and toxins. This is from the body through sweat glands, enterohepatic circulation, lymph and ultimately achieves the effect of dissolving fat. With controlled depth technology, inlaid diamond particles of different sizes may rub skin along its pattern. Adjust suction strength by means of vacuum draw and rub with negative pressure strong force to directly explode thick fat. Thus, the effects are very obvious: Enhance blood circulation, accelerate the decomposition of fat, take away wastes, enhance the effect of removing cellulite, effectively improve the state of areolar tissue, remove stubborn fat and improve the sufficient absorption condition of diet products.

30K to 40K Ultrasonic Handle

Collective strong sound wave explosion fat head with 30KHZ to 40KHZ that may be emitted to human body for impacting fat cells fiercely and causing friction motion between fat cells. This may cause effective consumption of calories and moisture in fat cells and reduce the size of fat cells. What’s more, sound wave vibration may cause fierce impact of fat cells to make them broken up instantaneously, reducing the amount of fat cells and thereby achieve the effects of removing fat.

Quadrupole RF Handle – Facial Wrinkle Elimination, Tightening and Lifting

A capacitive coupling electrode is used for transmitting radio-wave energy and generating an electric field for entering into subcutaneous tissue through the skin surface. In the high-frequency of 450khz, this electric field changes its polarity for 450,000 times per second. To reply to the rapid change in the electrode, directions of electrical particles the skin are also changed. By this time, natural electric resistance in the subcutaneous tissue moves and generates heat energy. As the papillary dermis collagen may immediately shrink when the temperature is within the range from 60 to 70 Celsius degree, after wrinkle treatment, client may immediately sense the skin tightening effects as it is being lifted and firmed. When collagen is produced continuously, thickness and density of the skin papillary dermis may be increased to remove wrinkles, eliminate scars, restore skin elasticity and gloss and make it be blonde and smooth. While collagen is increased, fresh skin is generated in the position of operation and wrinkles are removed by large amount of cells. In addition, when cortex without elasticity or that with thick horny layer in the area with wrinkles is separated, surrounding skin will also be renewed.

Tripolar Facial Handle

Stick to enhance rejuvenation: use of positive and negative micro-current activation energy to release skin cells, so that rapid synthesis of fibroblasts Collagen, elastic skin revert to the original compact. This causes the skin to stimulate the muscle tension and gradually reducing wrinkles while defying skin aging. It restores skin elasticity and creates an overall facial improvement.

This 30K machine is mainly for professional use. If you would like more of a home use option, please check this cavitation machine.

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