Why Brody Massage Portable Massage Tables?

Whether you are a Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Tattoo Artist, or Salon Tech, your clients associate your service with their level of comfort with Brody Massage Tables. Your services are valuable, and most professionals understand that. Better equipment plays a role in better customer experiences, thus making it more justifiable for you to charge more money. There is nothing worse than having a massage on your achy back only to have it further aggravated with a cheap and uncomfortable massage table.

High Quality Massage Tables

High-quality massage tables and can are used for a lot more than just massage. Whether you need tables for tattoo artists, tables for estheticians, or one for your salon, Brody Massage offers high-quality tables so comfortable, you can sleep on them. Gone are the days where customer experience at a tattoo parlor is not taken seriously. Yes, tattoos can hurt, but customer experience is always a critical factor in reputation. Beauty services are highly-competitive and associated with luxury and comfort. Do you want to separate yourself? You owe it to your clients and your business to do so. Invest in a Brody Massage Table.

Here are a few of Brody Massage’s high-quality portable massage tables to choose from:

Black Portable Massage Table with Incline

1. The 2.5” Portable Massage Table features Beech Hardwood Construction, offers a carrying case, face, pillow and a great option for those starting out. A great massage table for tattoos artists and beauty services. For more information on this table, you can visit

Portable Massage Table 2.5 Inch


Brody Massage Table 2.5 inch2. This Brody Massage table is great for multiple uses. Whether you’re a Massage Therapist or using it as an Esthetician with the inclining back portion to do facials, it’s a great multi-purpose table. It’s also commonly used with tattoo shops and other salon treatments.

Black Portable Massage Table with Incline Section


Brody Massage Portable Table 5 inch Wood3. The XL 5” Portable Massage Table is the ultra in comfort. This is a professional’s massage table that can be used for massage, sports injury, and those wishing to offer the very best for their clients. This particular table is used and sold to professional athletes in the MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA. This table will set you apart and your clients will love it. It can also hold up to 750 lbs, and it’s top of the line. For more information on this table you can visit

5 inch Thick Extra Large Portable Massage Table

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